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Drew Hunter:

December, 2015 - Footlocker National Cross-Country Champion at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.

January, 2016 - Set the US High School National Record for 3,000 meters, running 7:59.8.

February, 2016 - Twice set the US High School Indoor Record for the mile, running 3:58.25 and 3:57.81.

April, 2016 - Anchored Loudon Valley High School's distance medley team with a 4:00.91 (1600m) to win by .001 of a second. Drew took the baton in 7th place, ran in lane 2 for the first part of the race, passing runners from other teams, and then kicked-down the leader, nipping him at the finish line. It was the 2nd fastest anchor of all-time by a high school runner, only by American Record Holder, Alan Webb.

May, 2016 - Ran 1:48.64 for 800m, an elite High School time for the distance, though he had only raced the event twice inthe last 3-years.

May, 2016 - Ran 3:58.86 for the mile at the Prefontaine Track & Field Classic in Eugene, Oregon. Drew ran that time despite having Lyme's Disease, which feels like flu and exhausts a runner.

July, 2016 - Signs a 10-year contract with Adidas to be a professional runner.

August ,2016 - Will run 2 races: The Sir Walter Mile in Raleigh Mile (Drew's first professional race) and the Aetna Elite Mile race at Falmouth, MA.

Grace Ping:

June, 2016 - Won the Minnesota State Track & Field Meet (high school) 3200m in 10:31 and the 1600m in 5:02, though she just completed 7th grade; she is age 12 until July.

June, 2016 - Placed 2nd at the prestigious New Balance National High School Track & Field Championships in North Carolina. Grace ran a world age group record (13 and under) for the 5,000m on Friday night, a time of 16:44.8.  She returned the next day to run a world age group record for a full 2-miles, a time of 10:28, beating Jordan Hassay's record by 3 seconds.  Grace has a full year to break her own records, since she will not turn age 13 until July of 2017.

More to come...



Footlocker National Cross Country Champion

Footlocker National Cross Country Champion

Drew Hunter, 2015 Footlocker National Cross Country Champion with his coach, Tom "Tinman" Schwartz. (12/12/2015)

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Build Your Running Body

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Several runners have achieved greatness in their personal pursuit of running excellence the last few weeks.

Kevin Miller

won the USATF Masters Championships 1500m in Olathe, Kansas in 4:25 (the 50-54 age group) and was faster than about 95% of the runners in the younger age groups. He ran a 15:52 local 5km race (near Kansas City), a 10km race in 33:23 (hilly course), won the Masters National 5 km road race in Syracuse in 15:51 for his age division and was age-graded 2nd behind a guy who ran mid 16s as a 56 year old (Kevin will be age 52 in December).

Tore Axelsson

of Sweden, set some more Swedish records (he's set so many the last two years that we have worked together I lose track of the details after awhile). He owns the 3000, 5000, 10000m track records (he's age 55 now) for 50-54 and now 55-59 age groups. He won three European titles last winter. This week he's racing in three events in the World Veterans Atheltics Championships in Brazil. He flew over 30 hours to get there this past weekend. Wow! He will race the 8 km cross-country events, the 10,000 meters on the track, and the half-marathon road race. He's been in the mid 16s for 5000 meters recently and in the 33s for 10km, so I am sure he'll be hard to beat.

Javier Ceja

who lives in Wichita, Kansas, set a new best on the roads for 10 km (30:36) and just this past weekend ran the fastest half-marathon ever in Kansas (1:06:51) with negative splits. He beat a Kenyan who has run 3:56 for the mile and 14:00 for 5,000m on the track. He's targeting the USATF Half-Marathon road race championships, which will be held in Houston in January.

Justin Garard

a collegiate coach, ran 14:41 for 5000 meters on the track in June in Portland, Oregon and competed successfully in some big road races in or near Kansas City this summer. He's super busy coaching his collegiate team, but he still training for the Rock N Roll Half-Marathon in Phoenix, which is scheduled for January. He's running a half-marathon this weekend as a test of his fitness. He's been sick recently, so that's a concern. I told him to run the race without "burying" himself in the process. After illness, it's hard to have full strength, as most runners know.

Bev Nothman

ran a personal best on a 10-mile course in England last month, so she's on a roll. She's targeting some 10-mile and half-marathons during her buildup to the London Marathon, which is held in April. Bev's amazing! She's a committed mom, but she still trains for and competes in long distance races. Kudos Bev!

Phil Young (from Murphysboro, Tennessee) and Michael Merwath (from Austin, Texas)

ran strong races at the Missoula Marathon (in Montana) in July. They both ran a Boston Marathon qualifier. I know that Phil is going to the race. It'll be a big event, given that the one last spring had a bombing. People are highly motivated to go to the Boston this coming spring and show the world nobody can stop runners from their goals and dreams!

High School Coaching

Two high school coaches hired me to help them this summer and fall. I designed a training plan for the summer and then again for the fall cross-country season for them/their teams. Both teams are winning races big-time! The one team, in Kentucky, is in the hardest regional in the state, so it's a big goal to make it to state. So far they have won nearly all their races against tough competition. The other team, in Michigan, is rolling big-time too! They are now one of the top-ranked teams in the state and their top gal is being recruited by several University coaches willing to offer her a scholarship. The response from the coaches is grand; they are thrilled about how their teams are growing stronger and winning races that seemed like limited possibilities before this year.

Consultant / Training Adviser for Two Division I Universities

I am a consultant/training adviser for two Division I University programs (cross-country and track & field) too, and the results their athletes are achieving show that more is possible. I haven't mentioned the names of the coaches with whom I am working now because I don't know if they are concerned that other coaches in their conferences or states will hire me away. Every coach is looking for a competitive advantage.

Training Programs

I've designed training programs for other teams in the past, high school, collegiate, open, and junior national - Scotland, and all have won like never before, but it's always one of those hidden secrets that few want to reveal. Beside the concern for losing competitive advantage, there's a worry about being perceived by their peers or bosses as not being competent for hiring an outside coach to design the training plan and advise how to manage individuals on the teams, but I think such a notion has a limited perspective.

Consider this: If you are a division leader for a major corporation and your expected to produce stellar results, would you limit yourself to doing all the analysis and planning? Not a chance, unless you are conceited! You find money in your budget to hire someone to do the technical analysis, identify areas that need work, and offer a strategic plan to make the processes within the system work more effectively and efficiently. Very often, as the one on the floor, you can't see the mistakes your team is making. A new set of eyes helps, and even better is using a consultant who's got stellar skills and ideas to offer you! That's how I see the relationship that I build with coaches. They want better results, and I can help them get those results!

I'm probably missing results for other runners, so if you are one of them or know one of them, please shoot me and email and I'll input their information to this page.

Thank you.

Thomas Schwartz, M.S., M.B.A.
(known as Tinman)

June 23, 2013

I've been absent in updating my website, but it's because I've been so busy with coaching runners, teaching, and working on a running book. Several runners have set personal-best times (personal records) this spring. For example, Justin Garrard, serious runners who is even a Division II college (distance) running coach, has improved from a PR of 15:18 for 5000m to 14:40 (run at the Portland Track Festival in Oregon in early June). Others have set personal bests, but I am so used to this happening that I haven't written them down anymore. I still appreciate the efforts and achievements made by the runners I coach, but due to energy and time limits, I've not typed them in this News section lately. 

The good news is the runners are setting personal bests, enjoying their running at a higher level, and going after big goals. I've written some training schedules for some coaches this last year too, by the way. Lots and lots of PRs for collegiate and high school runners have resulted. One Division I coach just took two 800m runners to the NCAA Nationals Championships in Eugene, Oregon. It was a big joy for the coach to take his first middle-distance runners to nationals. His athletes ran 2:04 and 2:06 this season. It's important to note that they weren't top high school runners who barely improved, like so many other Division I programs where kids come in as 2:06-2:010 runners and spend 3-4 years to drop 4 seconds. 

A high school coach I have been helping had a girl run the 4th fastest time in New Jersey history, and she was ranked 4th in the nation by time the season was over. She placed 2nd at the New Balance National Scholastic meet. She achieved a 4:45 in the 1600m this season. She has one year left. 

Alright, back to helping runners, I coach set some more PRs and working on the book (Build Your Running Body) for which I am a co-author with Pete Magill and Melissa Breyer. Pete's the lead on the book. He's the main writer and project leader. He tasks Melissa and I to create charts or graphs; and to write descriptions and clarifying concepts of technical information, so that everybody can understand what the information means. Then, he goes a couple of steps further and writes the information even more clearly for readers: he blends all the information into one smooth, effective format. 

I've done a heavy amount of thinking for this book, I must say! I've invested countless hours to create technical charts that aren't found in other running books. I've researched exercise science literature for hundreds of hours and interpreted what I read into the real world of running and training for improved performance. However, because the information is much better and unique compared to what is out there now, I don't hold back. I am committed to the overarching goal (for the book and our project) of helping runners and coaches become more knowledgeable, more capable, more inspired to reach high goals. We want to make it possible for people to run faster and enjoy it more, and reach levels of their potential that seem like illusory, like a dream far away. 

Some of the literature research, though taxing on my brain, due to the complexity of biochemistry and integrated physiology, has helped me, as a coach and exercise physiologist, expand my knowledge base about the "why" behind training, and also about the question of "how" to train better. Presently, I'm using the new information to help the runners I coach. 

If you are a runner or coach who wants to learn more, wants to shed the limitations of conventional thinking about training, which more or less has been about running more mileage, running harder workouts, and racing less in order to reach theoretically higher levels; the Build Your Running Body book will open your eyes to fresh ideas, new goals and personal bests. 

The team (Pete, Melissa, and I) are up early and late working on the book. We strive to make the book highly informative, highly readable, and useful information to gather in a hurry. Yes, there will be depth to the descriptions in the main paragraphs, but there will be many sidebars and charts that provide very quick, highly useful information for readers. You literally can look at a chart, a sidebar, or healthy recipe (Melissa's expertise), in 10-15 seconds, and use it. You can understand a concept better, adjust how you approach training quickly, or be inspired to head to your local grocer and find some of the healthy food ingredients to make your own meals or snacks that will make you recover faster, and feel more energy. It's going to be a lot of fun for readers! 

If you are a runner whom I coach, and you would like me to update this website with information about your progress, please feel free to send me an email, which details the information you want presented. I am glad to share your joy and personal bests with other runners. Think of it this way; sharing your joy and improvements inspires others, too.

March 10, 2013

Randy Wasinger will run at the USATF Masters meet in Maryland, along with Ron Kochanowicz and Kevin Miller, of the KC Smoke running club. Already, Randy, who is new to the Tinman method of training, seems to enjoy the workouts I recommended for his training schedule. Also, just like Ron and Kevin and many others I coach, Randy seems to enjoy having a coach design the details of workouts, so that he can focus his energy on the targeted objectives for each workout. As I think of this idea, I am reminded of the comments that John Walker, Olympic champion in the 1500m and former world-record holder of the mile, said to a reporter about the importance of having a good coach. 

Walker was 10 years into a coaching relationship with Arch Jelley, his coach and former school-master in New Zealand, when he said that he could design his own training schedule; but, he wanted to enjoy running from a different perspective - the doing of it, rather than the thinking about it. John said he wanted to relax and focus on running, not having to think about which workouts to do, how fast, how many reps, and so on. John said that it was important to have faith in a coach that has one's best interest at heart. It was important to step on the starting line, having no thoughts about workouts or whether he should have designed them differently. He wanted to just compete with confidence and relaxation of mind. He trusted his coach and just ran. He credited his long, stellar career to having a good coach and having faith in him.

Shaine Griggs is doing well too, but he's been sick this week. He had a fever but he ran a 4-mile road race yesterday in 21:28 for 2nd place. Two hours after the race, he had a 102.7F temperature (normal is 98.6F degrees). This runner is sure tough! Just think what he's going to do when he's healthy and has trained a few weeks under a coach's guidance!

February 2, 2013

I traveled to Kansas City to meet up with the KC Smoke running club runners who were traveling to Ames, Iowa for an indoor track meet. Several of the runners I coach were going to race, and I wanted to be there to support them, offer advice and encouragement, and see first-hand what components of their performance I could fine-tune. The 2.5 hour drive both ways, along with the time spent at the meet, was truly enjoyable. We had a lot of conversation about training, racing, and the future. I felt in my element, coaching runners and being around goal-oriented, highly responsible, highly motivated, and gregarious people.

Ron Kochanowicz ran a personal best time (by 6 seconds) in the 3000m with a 9:27 at age 41. Kevin Miller ran a strong 9:23 at age 51. Both men raced a 1-mile two weeks earlier (4:43 and 4:46) as a rust-buster. They are preparing for the USATF Masters Indoor Nationals event, which occurs on 22nd - 24th of March in Maryland. Both will run three events (3000m, 1-mile, and 800m). They should both do well.

I had the privilege of meeting Randy Wasinger (KC Smoke running club board president) and Shaine Griggs, who is a new member of the KC Smoke. Randy ran a 1:58 for the 800m at the Iowa State track meet and Shaine ran a personal best of 8:58 for the 3000m. Both decided to ask me to be their coach, after having the opportunity to talk to me in-person, listen to advice I offered, and listen to my comments about my philosophy of training and racing. Sometimes, it's just good to meet (in-person) and get a sense of how the coach operates before working with him, right? I am excited to see how both men develop over the next few weeks and months. 

January 20, 2013

Murthy Ganesh of India, whom I coach, ran a personal best time by 25 minutes in the Mumbai Marathon today. Way to go Murthy!

February 06, 2013

Masters Athletics - Rankings link

Kevin Miller - Ranked 2nd in the 1500m 4:12.77
Tore Axelsson - Ranked 2nd in the 10000m 33:53.68

January 25, 2013:

Brett Smith of New Zealand ran a personal best time of 8:34 in the 3000m at the New Zealand Championships today Brett finished graduate studies in Australia at the end of last year and he's now back in New Zealand working on post-graduate studies. I started coaching Brett in the middle of last year, and he's come a long way. He's got big goals and I think he'll reach them. He's probably improved by 90 seconds over 3000km since July. Keep going, Brett!

Justin Garrard ran a season best in the 3000m of 8:55 at the K.U. Relays in Lawrence, Kansas, despite dealing with a sore Achilles tendon the last two weeks. He's cross-training to keep his fitness up, along with some smart running training that doesn't push him too hard. Good job, Justin!

January 5, 2013:

Justin Garrard, a runner on the Kansas City Smoke Distance Project team, whom I coach, ran 9:01 for 3000m today at the Bill Easton indoor track meet at the University of Kansas. The lap-counter was off by 1 laps, so Justin didn't sprint to the line as quickly as he would have, otherwise. This was Justin's first race in awhile and a good start to his buildup for the Club Nationals Cross-Country race that will be held in Bend, Oregon, next December. Justin is on the newly started Distance Project team. The goal is to have 7 runners, as a team, focus on one big goal for 2013: Club Nationals. 

Justin, like the other runners on the team, will have many racing opportunities on his journey to the Club Nationals. Justin is a college coach, so he has some schedule conflicts; he can run a track race here and there this winter and spring to test his progress, fitness, and enhance his motivation. The KC Smoke board and I, the Club coach, appreciate the commitment Justin made to the team. 

We have two other runners on the team so far, Javier Ceja and Geovanni Popoca, and we will add more. Interested runners must join the KC Smoke Running Club (presently the price is just $35 per year) and then request consideration for the Kansas City Distance Project team. Note we only want runners for the KC Distance Project team who commit to racing at Club Nationals in Bend, Oregon on the team. Thanks to the board members for having the foresight to put a great idea into an action-plan! 

KC Distance Project Team

KC Distance Project team members will receive coaching from me at no cost. If you are interested in running on the KC Distance Project team, send me an email to me at I'll consider your qualifications and commitment level before communicating my approval to Ron and Randy. 

Final note:

Due to USATF regulations, only runners who are in the region of Kansas City may apply to be on the Kansas City Smoke Running Club and hence Distance Project team. The only exception occurs when your region does not have a Club team.

December 8, 2012:

Congratulations to Kevin Miller , who placed 3rd in the USATF Club Nationals Cross Country meet held in Lexington, Kentucky. Truly Kevin's performance was stellar considering the circumstances of his preparation. He lost 3.5 weeks of training in September and October as he dealt with a very sore Achilles tendon. Kevin was unable to exercise at all during that time-frame. He has tight calf muscles, which pull on his Achilles tendon and plantar fascia, so it's a constant challenge to balance training with treatment and recovery for him. All serious runners know what this is like; dealing with injuries is part of the game, and prevention of injuries becomes a need, more and more as we age.

November 18, 2012:

Jenia Venograskiy once again set a PR (personal record) in a race. He ran the Philadelphia Marathon, which isn't flat like the Chicago, London, or Berlin Marathons, but he still ran a PR by a minute and a half. He ran 2:45:33. Way to go Jenia!

November 11, 2012:

Jason Chatham, an American citizen who teachers in South Korea has improved dramatically this year. His old PR (personal record) was 38:51 for 10km. He has twice broke his PR this year. Today, he ran 35:57 for 10km. Way go go Jason!

November 9, 2012:

It was good news to know the Ron Grigg's runners at Jacksonville University ran very well at the NCAA Division I South Regional. His gals ran as fast as they could have. And, the top female on his team placed 7th overall, not far behind the winner from Florida State University. Ron's top gal ran 20:20 on the 6,000m cross-country course. Ron is well-known for his success with sprinters, but not he's gaining a reputation for developing distance runners too. I've known Ron and helped him design workouts for about seven years. It's a pleasure to work with Ron and to see his knowledge base grow. He's already got the motivation to excel and to help his athletes excel. Way to go Ron and way to go Jacksonville University women's cross-country team for working diligently and improving dramatically from the start of the season to the end.

November 3, 2012:

Don Meidros, coach at the University of Western Alabama, reported that his runners set numerous PR (personal records) at the NCAA Division II Southwest Regional. Six of his seven runners ran the 10,000m cross-country race and set PRs, but the more impressive outcome is they set PRs at the 8000m mark of the 10,000m mark too. His women athletes (all 7) ran personal best equivalents too. Don contacted me (Tinman) in about five weeks ago and hired me to help him train his runners better. This is something that happens every year or two; university coaches ask for my help. I gotta say, it's enjoyable for me to see the enthusiasm Don has. He's a believer in the Tinman Training Method, and his athlete's results prove that the method works well for young runners not just masters runners.

October 20, 2012:

Coach Don Meidros and the University of West Alabama placed 2nd in their conference cross-country meet (8,000m), which is the highest ever placing for the University team. Congratulations Coach and Team!
Another congratulations to Matthew Hoffman, an 8th grade student, who won the U.S.A. junior high championships cross-country (2-mile) race for Lutheran schools. Fantastic job, Matthew!

University of Concordia Mequon National CC Web Site

Congratulations to Tore Axellson, of Sweden, for winning a huge 10km road-race in Norway, for age 50+ runners (he is age 55). He ran 34:47 on the hilly course.

Matthew Hoffman won again! This time is the Middle School National Championships cross-country 2-mile race for Lutheran Schools. Matthew ran with style and ran away from the competition. It's this author/coaches opinion that Matthew is going to be a contender for the Illinois State High School Association Cross-Country Championships title when he's in high school. There's a lot of work ahead of him, but he loves running and his progress will continue. The sky's the limit for Matthew, who is modest young man with a big heart.

October 14, 2012:

Congratulations to Matthew Hoffman, who won the Illinois Junior High School Championships 2-mile cross-country race for Lutheran schools. (click on Boy's 2012 to see Matthew's results. Il Lutheran CC Web Site:

October 7, 2012:

Recently, several runners set personal bests or place significantly high in their races.

Matthew Hoffman once again beat many 8th grade cross-country runners in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. He won the conference 2-mile cross-country race by 150 meters. Matthew is targeting the state cross-country meet next. He's shown incredible self-discipline and motivation this year by training steadily (when most runners would take large chunks of time off and just goof off). Matthew loves to run, loves to race, and is talented in academics and music, besides being a caring and fine young man. I am sure his father, Tom Hoffman, is very proud! Tom coaches his son and a junior high team directly, and I help Tom indirectly by designing the training plan.
Jason Chatham, a U.S. born and raised teacher, works in his profession in Busan, South Korea, which is a city of 4.4 million people on the Southeastern corner of South Korea. It's a tropical environment there, so the weather is challenging for runners who want to train, but Jason perseveres. Last year Jason placed 17th in the cities 10km road race. This year he placed 3rd overall. He earned some cool prizes, as a result, and he's a happy man!

Paul Fieten lives in Europe, and once again he set his sight on the Berlin Marathon. I trained him again this year and he improved by nearly 12 minutes, improving from 3:22:17 to 3:10:41. Way to go Paul!

Dr. Richard (Rick) Bram, of the Mayo Clinic, age 55, ran two personal bests recently. In September, he ran a half-marathon personal best time of 1:38:19, down from his previous best of 1:47:19. Today, the 7th of October, he ran a personal best marathon at Twin Cities, in 3:21:56, down from 3:27:27 on the same course, last year. His next goal is the Boston Marathon in 2013.

Jim Mason (link) ran a new personal best 10km time by, at 42:00, down from 43:13 a year ago.

September 24, 2012:

Many runners have ran great races, setting PRs (personal records/bests). Of those are Tore Axelsson, who has set Swedish National records at age 54 and now age 55 (he's running in the 16s for 5km and 33s for 10km, and he ran mid-9s for 3000m on the track this summer, too; Ron Kochanowicz (who ran 16:19 for 5km); Jim Mason (setting a new 5000m best by over 30 seconds); Roger Stevens (who crushed a half-marathon); Donny Danner (who set two personal bests as a masters and won a 5km road race near Kansas City); and, Matthew Hoffman (who has set personal bests in 5km road races this summer and is now crushing his 8th grade cross-country race competition - he ran 11:13 for 2 miles on a tough course recently, beating star runners in the North Chicago suburbs).

Dr. Richard (Rick) Bram ran the Twin Cities Marathon today and set a personal best time of 3:21:56 - at age 55. His previous best marathon time, on the same course, was set 1 year ago at 3:38:20). Recently he set a personal best time in the half-marathon too.

Ron Kochanowicz ran a personal best time as a master for an 8km cross-country race yesterday in Missouri, running at 27:40.

September 29-30:

Ron Kochhanowicz ran in the USATF Master 5km road-race championships in Syracuse, New York. He ran quite well, despite having suffered an illness earlier in the week. He ran 16:22 - strong time for a 41 year old businessman who is the father of 6 kids.

Tony Estes, also of the Kansas City Smoke running club won a 5km road race on Sunday by 2 seconds. Way to go, Tony!

Beverly Notham of England set a 4-minute person record (best time) in the marathon. Her previous best time was set this year at the (flat) London Marathon, whereas her new personal best time was set on a hilly course (the Loch Ness Marathon in Scotland).

July 14, 2012:

Jim Mason ran another personal best time by 6 more seconds. Way to go, Jim! Your training over the last year is really paying off. As you say, it pays off to keep training at a manageable level and stay injury free, building strength over weeks and months. When it's time to sharpen, your times drop dramatically. If the strength isn't there, all the speed-work in the world won't help you much, and even if it did help the ability to keep running good race-times would be absent. Strength built from the right training, week after week, gives a runner the ability to race several weeks in a row at a high level. By the way, Jim has run 6 personal bests over a variety of distances this year.

July 7, 2012:

Congratulations to Jim Mason. He ran a Masters PR in a track 1500m race today by 7 seconds. Earlier this week he ran in a 1500m and ran it hard but not all out. As described often in my posts, runners need "rust-buster" races or workouts to tune their "engines" for subsequent races. Jim struggled to run fast earlier this week, and he gave it about 97% effort. Today, he was fine-tune and floated through the race for a big personal record as a masters runner.

July 1, 2012:

Great racing by Kevin Miller and Ron Kochanowicz this weekend. They placed 2nd and 3rd in a big KC road mile. Despite heat/humidity and a course that was slow, the ran good times.

June 9, 2012:

Congratulations to Ron Kochanowicz for running a great time (4:33.24) at the Portland Masters event. He's improving and gaining confidence!

June 4, 2012:

Congratulations to Kevin Miller, age 50, who ran 33:00 to win the masters 10km race and he won the age-graded overall title too.

May 20, 2012:

By Randy Wasinger:

"The Kansas City Smoke's Kevin Miller added yet another national championship to his growing collection on Sunday by taking the M50 title at the 2012 USA Masters 8k Championships in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Since turning 50 earlier this year, Kevin is undefeated in the M50 division, dominating a wide variety of events on a national level.

Kevin Miller also won three M50 national championships (3000m, mile and 800m) at the USA Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships in Bloomington, Indiana in March. And this was after winning the age-graded competition at the USA Cross Country Championships in St. Louis a month earlier!

Kevin's time of 26:28 was good for a 91.74% age graded effort which again was off the charts."

(Editor's note: The times for all runners were not fast. The runner 8 seconds in front of Kevin ran a 15:05 for 5000m the previous week.)

See complete results from Williamsburg here:

Next up for Kevin is the USA Masters 10k Championships in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 3.

Way to go Kevin!"

May 13, 2012:

Ryan Case ran another good performance in a 1/2 marathon race. See information below. The course was hilly, by the way.

RACE: Quad Cities Distance Classic (C)
DISTANCE: Half Marathon
LOCATION: Rock Island, IL
DATE: 05/13/2012
TIME: 1:15:14 (5:45 / mile pace)
PLACEMENT: 2nd / 531

May 12, 2012:

In the first heat of the 1500m, Ron Kochanowicz ran a season's best effort of 4:16.66.

Congratulations to 7th grade student Matthew Hoffman, who ran a stellar 1600m at the IL State Junior High Championship meet. Matthew, a fine, dedicated and multifaceted person, ran 5:18. Way to go Matthew! I think you can break 5:00 next year as an 8th grade student. I imagine the high school coach is licking his chops, anxious to have a great student-athlete like you on the team. By the way, Matthew excels as a pianist too.

May 6, 2012:

There have been several top-notch performances by runners I coach, but I've been terribly busy with my MBA studies and haven't been able to update the news well.

Here's a link for you to read, regarding today's performance by Ryan Case:

April 21, 2012:

Tom Hoffman of IL ran a PR in the marathon today in 2:52:33. His ran slightly negative splits, covering the first half-marathon in 1:26:21. It was a weird day, with wind seeming to run against him or cross-wise no matter which direction he ran. Tom was happy with his result. It's not easy training for a spring marathon during the winter months of Northern IL!

Kevin Miller ran 1:12:30 to win a Half-marathon today in Kansas. That time was an over age-50 record for Kansas. Conditions were a little windy and Kevin was alone most of the race. Congratulations to Kevin on yet another victory!

April 19, 2012:

Ron Kochaniwicz ran a season's best of 4:17.27 and felt strong, racing against college kids half his age. Good job Ron!

April 16, 2012:

Kevin Miller competed at the Central Missouri University Invitational. He ran the 1500m in 4:12.77 (12th out of 43 college runners) and the 800m in 2:08.34. The 1500m was a Masters PR (personal record) for Kevin.

March 17, 2012:

Kevin Miller won again! Yesterday (shown below), he won the 3000m by 42 seconds a the USA Track & Field Indoor Master Championships. Today, he won the 1-mile by 9 seconds. Tomorrow he races the 800m.

March 16, 2012:

Kevin Miller won the men's 50-54 age-group 3,000m race at the USA Track & Field Indoor Nationals today by 42 seconds. Results are below. His 3,000m time of 9:04 equals a 15:33 for 5,000m. That's very fast for a 50- year old man!

March 6, 2012:

Two Tinman-coached runners competed at Iowa State University two days ago. Ron Kochanowicz (age 40) ran the 5,000m in 16:28.26 (a lifetime PR - personal record - and Kevin Miller (age 50) ran the 1-mile race in 4:35.99 and the 800m in 2:08.40, which are not far off the World Indoor records for age 50-54 of 4:26.75 and 1:59.72.

Here is a cool article about Kevin Miller, who I started coaching in the fall of 2011. He's an inspiration! Read the story to find out more.

Here is Kevin Miller racing an indoor mile at Iowa State University on the March 3, 2012. He ran 4:35.99 at age 50.