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Grace Ping

"The coaching system that Coach Schwartz has taught me how to run a better and smarter race. I also like the workouts and feel good in races. Coach is very encouraging and interested in how my races and workouts go, and how I feel during them!"

World age-group record holder for the 5,000 meters (16:44) and 2-miles (10:28) at age 12.

Kevin Miller

I started Tinman's training system in the middle of November 2011. I had been using the workouts described in Daniels' book for all of my previous training. I had success with the Daniels' system, but I developed several nagging injuries. I often felt rundown and tired at work. Now, I am definitely enjoying Tinman's workouts much, much more. Overall my energy level has increased. The mileage has increased a little, but running is much more relaxing. No more hammering out fast Reps/Intervals like before!

With the Tinman approach, I don't have to get "up" for the hard days like I did before. It simply isn’t as stressful! (Isn't that partly why we run, to eliminate stress?). My endurance is building. I've run four races, since I began using Tinman's methods and coaching, and I’ve had great results (including a 5k in 16:16 at age 50). I’m still in the early stages of the new system, and can tell that faster times are ahead. I couldn't be happier!!

Another aspect I really like is being able to train and race year round. Since the training is a “moderate” approach, you don’t need to take time off to rest and recover. You just keep building endurance week after week. As Coach Tinman says, “just keep the ball rolling”. Kevin M., Olathe, KS, USA

Editor's notes: Kevin placed 6th the USATF Men's Masters Cross Country Race in St. Louis, MO on February 11, 2012. When age-graded for time, he was the #1 runner. He received that honor from USATF. Congratulations Kevin!
Another update: March 2, 2012 - Kevin competed at an indoor track meet today, running 4:35.99 in the mile and 2:08 and change for the 800m. The world indoor record for the mile and 800m for his age group is 4:26.75 and 1:59.62. Way to go Kevin!

Another update: It's hard to keep track of all the success that Kevin has had the last 3 years that I've been blessed to coach him. He's won several national titles, and even on an "off" day, following a knee injury related to a 20+ year cartilage injury, he still placed in the top 5 at the USATF Cross-Country Championship, beating the likes of Pete Magill, who is a national record holder for masters in the 5,000m run.

Kevin has set lots of records, too. He set the Kansas masters record for the half-marathon (1:15 and change), run 33:01 for the 10k on the roads (winning the USATF Championships race); he ran 15:51 for 5km (age 52) at the USATF road 5km championships out in Syracuse, New York. He's run 4:33 for the mile indoors, 2:05, and close to 9 minutes in the 3000m in a span of three days at the USATF Indoor National Championships (winning all three events) while in his 50s (age).

Tore Axellson

Swedish multiple record holder for 50+ and 55+ years of age, coached by Tinman (Tom Schwartz). 2011-Present. " Tom's coaching and training schedule have the right balance between harder stuff blended with distance running. Though I have had a history with many injuries and the will to run too hard sometimes, the cooperation with Tom has been very successful, because of this blending. The training has given me strong motivation to train and to compete without getting injured - and that is the most important thing. Our e-mailing above the Atlantic ocean has been our contact, and it has been very successful. I knew that To had very high qualifications before I took contact with him. But I know now that he is on a higher level than any other coaches I ever had met. I have with his excellent help met all my goals this season: European gold in cross, European gold for the 10 km road-race, and finely two golds in Word Masters Association games in Brazil!!"

Tom Hoffman

I'm now a master's runner and in my second running life. Prior to that, I was very prone to injury and sickness, due to pushing too hard too often. When I returned to running in my mid 40's, I tried to go it alone but quickly found myself training like I did in my younger days: going too hard too often, getting sick often, not improving, and not always enjoying running, as a result. So, I went looking for a training plan that would go beyond the cookie cutter approach; one that would consider the special needs of master's runners; and one that would take into account my family and work commitments. Instead of a training plan, I found a great coach, and new friend.

Under Tinman's guidance and personalized coaching, I am training smarter, staying healthy and injury free, steadily improving every training cycle, and most of all enjoying my running again. From a performance standpoint, I recorded a lifetime PR in the marathon last fall. Tinman takes a great deal of time to explain the details of his training to you, and does so in a very personal and educational manner. That's the personal touch where Tom goes above and beyond the norm.

Tinman has also been a real blessing to my Jr.High age son. He provided solid and age-appropriate training schedules that have enabled my son to record some times in track and XC that he didn't think were possible. Plus, as Tom has done with me, he gives those extra tips that let my son know he really cares about his success. Tom H., 47, Arlington Heights, IL, USA

Allan Phillips

I have been blessed to know Tinman as a friend, coach, and mentor for nearly a decade. One experience in particular stands out: several years ago I suffered from Valley Fever, an infectious and potentially debilitating condition that left me unable to run for much of the year. Tinman guided me to a surprise victory in the Tucson Half Marathon and a significant PR, scarcely five months after my recovery. Although I have set PRs at all major distances under Tom's guidance, my comeback from Valley Fever is forever etched as a testament to his coaching mastery.

Good coaches may win championships but great coaches shape the future. Perhaps more than anything I have done as an athlete, I treasure the mentor-ship Tinman has provided for my own coaching career. He has given his time to mentor coaches around the world at all levels, as few can match his dexterity in creating a seamless integration of both art and science. I am privileged to be a descendant of his coaching lineage. For whatever success my own athletes may enjoy, we owe deep gratitude for the lessons Tom has passed on. Allan Phillips, JD, CSCS, Owner, Pike Athletics, LLC ,

Drew Bean

Anyone can prescribe workouts or offer training advice, but there are few who seemingly prescribe the right workouts every time. Likewise, anyone can promise to help you realize your dreams, but there are few who can actually deliver. I can say without hesitation that while training under the guidance and direction of Coach T (Tinman) over the last several years, I have found that he falls into the “few” category.

Under Tinman's guidance, steady improvement is realized over time. That's because Coach doesn't use a get-rich quick philosophy that could create high rates of injuries, illness, burnout, and short-lived success. He thinks long-term and builds layer upon layer of fitness and strength, creating sustained improvement over time. The enjoyment in the process of improvement has always been and still is present for me. Coach T. knows how to get results, and he makes sure that you enjoy every step of the journey along the way.

I follow Coach's "keep the ball rolling" rules for training and racing, which is about momentum building and strength building. Coach optimizes my training, rather than hammering me into the ground. Time and again the results have been extraordinary. Under Coach's guidance, I won two state championships, six regional championships, seven district championships and personal bests of 4:20 (1600m), 9:16 (3200m), and 15:15 (XC 5km) in high school. I have since run a 1:06:25 half marathon as a 19 year old (30th place at the 2009 USA Half Marathon Championships) and a 2:24:27 for the marathon as a 20 year old (13th place at 2010 Chevron Houston Marathon).

While my opportunities to race in the last few years were limited due to my intense class schedule as a chemistry major at Lamar, Coach T. always managed to find ways to help adjust my training to my hectic days so that I could continue to adapt and grow as an athlete, all while continuing to keep it fun!

As a runner, I am grateful that I can call Tinman my Coach. As a person, I have grown to appreciate being able to call Coach T. my friend, which is something for which I am all the more grateful. Drew Bean, Houston, TX

Todd Charnetski

Having a degree in Exercise Physiology and being a former personal trainer for 13 years, I was reluctant to hire a running coach. I felt like I knew my stuff because I had been running and doing research for 20 years. I had hit a stalemate and wanted to spice things up without increasing my miles per week. I read about Tom (Tinman) on and other websites and said what the heck. I hired him that late Fall at age 39. That next year at age 40 and just months later, I started setting PRs in the 5K, 10K and half marathon. YES, at age 40. His “Big Two” work out approach and critical velocity reps made so much sense and took my fitness to another level at all race distances. The beautiful thing is that I did not increase my miles and remained a low mileage runner but just trained smarter. I still ran 4 days a week and under 30 miles per week but was doing it in a more productive way. The results were exciting and my training was fun again! If any of you are looking to run stronger, train smarter, stay healthy and race your best, you need to hire Tom (Tinman). It is well worth it. He is a great guy and an exceptional running coach! Todd C., Green Bay, WI

Jim Mason

A couple of years ago, I was hammering away at tempo runs and 5km pace intervals and really not improving. In fact my 5km and 10km performances were going in reverse in spite of all the hard work I was doing. That's when I sought Tinman's advice.

Tinman prescribed an increase in mileage and shorter, faster tempo efforts with a smattering of faster stuff here and there. No more long, 6km-8km tempo runs and 5-7 X 1km reps at 5km race pace with short rests! I started in with 3 X 1km @ CV pace (about 8k-10k pace for me) with some short hill reps to follow, or 3km tempo runs @ 10km pace as a main workout with some striders or easy speed-work. Workouts were not what I would call "hard." However, as I grew stronger, some of the workouts became tougher than they looked on paper. Yet, I always recover well from Tom's workouts. In the past, following a traditional workout, I had to take a day off. Now I just have a whack of easy mileage and feel fine.

The Tinman method sneaks up on you! You may not realize that you are getting fitter and faster because the killer efforts are not there. Just yesterday I did one of his prescribed workout, which involved some 800s @ 3000m pace followed by some 200s @ 800m pace, and I was floored by how fast the 200's were. No way I should be running that fast after a series of 800s @ 3km pace! I can rip off 33sec 200s with ease after a set of 800s now, and I haven’t run fast in training much over the last 16 months. A year ago, a 32 second rep would have been my best effort for a single 200.

I can't wait to race again and see how much I've improved. The Tinman method is smart training, not hard training. It's like magic! Jim M., Newfoundland, Canada.